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Examiner - аддон просмотра информации о персонаже прямо из WoW


With Examiner, you can check other players gear, talents, achievements, honor and arena team details.
When you inspect someone, it will show a stat summery of all their equipped gear combined. Please note that these values are from gear alone, and will not include bonuses from buffs, talents or normal base stats.
Each player you inspect can be cached, that way you can look them up later, even when they are not around. The option to cache others is disabled by default, you will have to enable caching on the "Config" page.
You can bind a key to inspect your target, you can even bind a key to inspect whoever is under your mouse (stealth inspection). To set this up, open the Key Bindings dialog and look under "Examiner".
Examiner uses about ~230 kb of memory with no players cached. But if caching is enabled, memory usage can grow quickly.
You can always find the latest release of this addon on WoWInterface.com. Post your comments, questions and suggestions for this addon on the addons comment page.

Comparing Gear

To compare one person's gear with another, you can mark a target for compare by right clicking on the "Stats" button to get a drop down menu to open, this menu will have an entry called "Mark for Compare". When marked for compare, the Stats page will no longer show the actual stats of your inspected person, but will instead show the difference in stats compared to the person you marked for compare.

Cache Filtering

If your number of cached entries is getting quite high, you may want a way to filter out specific players.
First you have to open the filter dialog, do this by right clicking on the Cache button and pick "Filter...", or use the shortcut by holding down the Shift key and then click the Cache button.
The filter works a bit similar to the /who function in WoW, so you can for example set the filter to "1-79" and it will show all non level 80s.
To only show a specific class, you can use the filter "class:deathknight", and only Death Knights will be shown.
You can add as many filter matches as you want, so using the filter: "class:hunter race:nightelf guild:awesome" will show all Night Elf hunters from the guild .
Filter matches cannot have spaces, you must write them without, that is why "Death Knight" has to be written as "DeathKnight", you can even just use "deathk" it does not have to match the entire thing.
You can use the filter type "sex" to match males or females. Using "sex:2" will match males, "sex:3" will match females.
There are many filter types, here are some examples: "class", "race", "realm", "guild", "guildRank", "sex" and "zone".

Model Frame Controls

Left Click + Move: Rotates the Model Right Click + Move: Moves the Model Mousewheel: Zoom Ctrl + Left Click: Change Background Ctrl + Right Click: Toggle Background

Slash Commands

The slash command for Examiner is /examiner or just /ex.
Although you probably wont need to use any slash commands as almost everything is available from the UI, there are a few things which can only be done through slash commands.
/ex inspect > or /ex i
This one will inspect the given unit (target, focus, party3 etc). If no unit token is given, it will inspect target and then player if no target exist.
/ex si
This command will scan just a single item and list its combined stats in the chat frame. Holding down ALT while the mouse is over an item in Examiner will show a tooltip with the stats like this.
/ex compare
Compares two items and lists the stat differences.
/ex arena
Shows you the amount of arena points the given rating gives for 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5.
/ex scale
Changes the scale of the Examiner window.
/ex clearcache
Clears the entire cache of Examiner.

Lacking Features, Ideas & Problems

  • You may see a problem where a player you inspected from mouseover, or loaded from the cache will not appear to have any gems, this is not really an Examiner problem, but has to do with the game not filling in the information fast enough. This seemed to have been caused by some changes Blizzard did for the 3.1 patch. There are some workarounds that could be done to avoid this though, which I might be adding later.
  • Lack of space for module buttons, there are seven already, one more and Examiner will most likely blow, hmmmm maybe not, but at least it's starting to look kinda bad. I however have no good ideas as to this could be solved.
  • Bring back the ability, as a new module, to send an inspected player to another person with Examiner.
  • OnInspect will hide the activePage even though the module can show data in OnCacheLoaded.
  • Sometimes the blizzard achievement frame will throw bugs around, I just have to find a better way to surpress it when Examiner is requesting achievements.
  • The Glyphs module can only shows the glyphs of the active talent spec.

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